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Päijänne on the Rocks 2018 - ice diving event

Oh what a week!! It was Päijänne on the Rocks time again - one of our favourite events of the year, organized by Antero Joki. This event is where Johanna swam her Guinness World Record, 50 metres under the ice in a swimsuit, three years ago.

The event is always at lake Päijänne, but this year everyone came for a visit to our cabin and our lake Sonnanen in Heinola for a day, to dive there, see the lake and enjoy it. This is the same lake where we filmed Johanna Under the Ice with Ian Derry, it's the same lake where we were filming Life in Four Elements during a few years and it's the lake where we want to go, in winter and summer. So to have everyone come and enjoy it was special for us.

The weekend we spent at the event, at Lehmonkärki. Such a nice weekend with friends from around the world. Got to have dips in the lake and even ride snow scooters for 53km which was so nice! Not much diving for Johanna this weekend, still recovering from influenza and we are gearing up for next weekend when we have France tv3 and Faut pas rever travel programme coming to film with us at our lake. So a nice holiday weekend this one, with some knitting included :D :D.

Read more here, all in Finnish though

Nanna Kreutzmann - one of my favourite underwater photographers - was there too with us!

Kiki Bosch, one of the ice diver ladies in the world.

Most of the divers were from France, Germany and Switzerland.

Morgan Dias Simao and I -- Morgan has developed into an amazing underwater and surf photographer during these few years that I've known him, love his work!!

Hey we got to ride snow scooters. Amazing weather and oh I loved it. Riding in the forests and lakes.

Stayed in the same cabin as our friend Guillaume Nery! Love his work and the work they do together with Julie Gautier-Nery. This time they were filming One breath around the world in our lake Sonnanen for a few days. So after snow scooter riding and a glass of wine, here we are with Guillaume :D.

And then dinner at the VIP villa :D. Pic by Guillaume Nery.

Nanna Kreutzmann getting ready for her first dip under the ice, lake Sonnanen

Haha and last morning after our morning swim or maybe I should say dip because that's what it was. Always fun with my sis!! <3 <3. These pics by Morgan Dias Simao.

Pics by Elina's iphone, Guillaume Nery and Morgan Dias Simao.

Event: Päijänne on the Rocks,

Location of our lake: Sonnanen, Heinola

Location of ice diving event: Lehmonkärki,

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