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Out in the water with Johanna

We have this 15 metre icy swimming pool at our cabin. It's so nice. Just to have a swim and for Johanna to train and for us to shoot. A lot of work though especially now when it's been cold and we haven't been at the cabin for a few days, to cut it open again. And to cut a few other holes maybe too :D. But it's so beautiful, this lake really has a special colour and it's so clear...Amazing places we have here in Finland, this is our base for this winter season, Heinola.

Can't wait to go back there and shoot more. These are done with my 35mm Sigma Art lens but now I have again a 14mm from Canon so I will be using that too.

Thanking Asenne Surf for the dress! Loving it.

Pics by Elina

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