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Life in Four Elements - Neljä Elementtiä. A Natalie Halla film. Finland premiere happening soon.

For about two years we have been filming with Matila and Rohr Productions - a documentary film about four elements. Which one of them, element water, is Johanna.

On 28th of January it will be the Finland premiere of this movie here in Helsinki, at DocPoint documentary film festival. Exciting!! So nice to get the team together again and see it on a big screen.

We will be there, 28.1.2017, 2pm, Savoy theatre. And most of the crew. So please come and see it, first in Finland!! It will probably be in movie theatres later in spring. And come and say hi :).

Get your tickets here

Director: Natalie Halla

Cinematographer: Teemu Liakka

Editing: Benjamin Mercer

Music: Michael Andreas Haeringer, Panu Altio

Audio: Juha Hakanen, Benjamin Mercer

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