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'JOHANNA' by Ian Derry

In winter we had amazing projects. One of them (on top of filming with Matila & Röhr Productions and have Discovery Channel come to film Johanna) was this - a short film of Johanna by Ian Derry.

This film will be out very soon, can't wait. It will be beautiful. So we will share more when it comes out.

We had an amazing team. Ian Derry directing. Teemu Liakka on camera. Kari Ylitalo, MADEinSKY on drone. Antti Haikonen sound man. Jukka Teriö making ice holes. Ville Leskinen and Tuomas Määttänen as safety divers. Elina taking behind the scenes shots and doing all kinds of other stuff. Saunapaku for Johanna to get warm.

Pics by Ian Derry and from the drone operated by Kari Ylitalo, Made in Sky.

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