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Freediving Pool World Championships 2016 Turku, Finland

Freediving Pool World Championships in Turku, Finland, this year. How amazing to get your friends from around the world to come to our country this time. Mikko Anttonen had organized the best competition, so proud of him. Check out the competition website here.

Two days before the competition our freediving van broke down. So disappointing :D. We had to get a cute red Mini to come with us instead. We drove from Helsinki, took our time, had a swim and then arrived to Turku. Checked into "our" hotel room which is always the same no matter where in the world we are.

Johanna was competing in all disciplines. I was taking pictures with my bestestest friends, the amazing Daan Verhoeven. How lucky am I :D. The only little minor negative thing was that I had to head to Vaasa for 3 days to shoot there (which was not so bad, taking stills for Visit Finland while chefs were cooking in the Vaasa archipelago, Johannes Östergård filming. So not complaining).

So - that meant I missed all the qualification dives. Especially not good because I missed Johanna's dives. But oh she did so well that I didn't have to worry and was diving in the finals as well.

Here's some pics for you. It's like being there again now that I look at them.

Alexander Bubenchikov

Goran Colak

George Panagiotakis and 300m!

Mateusz Malina and 300m!

Lydia Horel

Den GC

Johanna getting ready for her static.

My sis amazing girl - 6 min 35 sec!

Johanna & Veera Lopez-Lehto

Timo Kinnunen - Finland's man in static

Georgina Miller assisted by Daan Verhoeven

These two are the best :D :D. Especially Daan. Me and Daan Verhoeven. Always a pleasure to work with you.

Underwater sniper Daan Verhoeven.

Mateusz Malina

Chris Marshall all the way from New Zealand.

Feeling safe with these guys.

Lydia Horel

Me by Daan Verhoeven.

Loved this competition. Hope to see you all soon again!!

Pics by Elina

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