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Filming under ice with Matila & Röhr

WInter is coming. Ice is coming. Hopefully :). Johanna is training in cold water again so she will be ready for some under ice diving when it starts to get cold here in our Finland country. How did she begin to swim in cold water? Long story. It didn't just happen. Well kind of did.

My sis has always been the adventurer. She loves to do things that "feel" like something. She loves to try new things and usually she is always good at them. Unlike me. Downhill biking. Motocross. Gymnastics. Freediving. Ice diving. Kayaking. Kayaking in the middle of winter. She has been like this since... well always. But she is good at what she does and never takes silly risks.

So - cold water. Started when she broke her leg very very badly downhill biking a few years ago. I got a call that your sister might have broken her leg a little. Well it wasn't just a little. But -- all good now and the leg is perfect. But trying to rehabilitate it back to normal she was told to have the leg in cold water. So she sat in the side of the cold pools in Mäkelänrinne or Tapiola swimming pool. Keeping her leg in cold water and crying because it hurt so much. But after a while it felt quite nice. And she hopped in the pool.

So. This she couldn't do without training and also the fact that she's been a top level freediver in the world for about 15 years.

Last winter in addition to the ice diving record we were filming the movie again with Matila & Röhr productions and Austrian director Natalie Halla. We love her. We love the whole crew. These are from the day after the record attempt. So what can I say. Hey you were cold yesterday sis but today -- time to hop in there again and repeat it 100 times. You ok? Not too cold?

Johanna & Natalie listening to the whales making sound underwater :D (Spring ice breaking and making sounds that sounded like whales).

The record attempt hole in the ice. In which she is hopping again soon. Lake Päijänne.

Anssi getting Marko Röhr ready.

Teemu Liakka is filming today again. Some planning going on here I guess.

Stig Severinsen the record man giving Johanna some advice.

Marko getting his camera ready. Ikelite is handling this freezing water pretty well I have to say.

In they go in the black hole.

And so does the camera.

Microphone working under the ice.

EWDive always helping us with a smile. Love them too. Johanna getting comfortable to dive again.

Teemu Liakka and Johanna.

Lake Sonnanen. A few days later. Johanna, wanna get cold again? Let's drop you in this whole on this lake. We just have to make the hole first.

Marko Röhr & Natalie Halla.

Teemu Liakka getting cameras and diving gear ready.

This lake has pretty blue water.

And the ice is still nice and thick even though it's already March and sun is shining.

Marko Röhr. Hey I'm in Marko's sunnies :D.

Before the shoot planning.

Johanna is ready to do it again. This time is ok, she has a wetsuit.

Beautiful day.

Natalie and Marko.

Anssi handling Teemu's camera. Ready for the cold water.

Natalie and Johanna. These days are always so fun and perfect.

After driving for 1,5 hours back to Helsinki Johanna said that now she can feel her toes again. Here with her favourite socks and winter shoes :D.

So much fun. Wish all our days were like this.

Next week we are filming again. Nice to see everyone! We are ready.

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