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Last September when we were in the Freediving Team World Championships with Johanna and Team Finland there was also Simone Virginio at the hotel with Aqafins. The fins looked really nice so we had to test them. We took some pics of them in the pool. And they were so nice we were dreaming of having a pair for both of us. Definitely blue said Johanna.

And now we have them, and yes Johanna was fixing the footpockets to them the other day in her garage (which I already told you about :D ).

This is what Giulio and Simone say about the fins:

Hi, we're Giulio and Simone and we want to offer you a completely new way to live your water experience, in particular if you are a freediver... but also if you are a passionate of the sea using fins to dive or snorkel.

First of all, a short introduction about ourselves and our backgrounds.

Giulio ( freediver, journalist and curator with a background in physics & a great passion for outdoor sports. He is also an Apnea Academyinstructor since 2008.

Simone (, a life spent in composite industry and innovation; New Technologies & Quality Manager at Azimut Yachts, luxury yachts world's leader, he has developed composite's new applications in sporting goods.

When passion meets technology!

We have designed and developed revolutionary tricomposite fins, inspired by the fish cartilage. Our blades are innovative for:

- idea & performances: to make more distance with less effort

- materials: the finest mix of carbon, fiberglass and kevlar

- design: a new construction & profile for a better progressive flexion of the blades

- robustness: the most robust fiber blades ever!

Keep calm and feel the power at your feet.

Read more of them here and on their website here.

We have the Cressi footpockets from EW Dive ready.

And the tools ready...

Johanna's pair is getting fixed first.

We clearly didn't book enough time for this exercise.

But even if it takes a while it's worth it, they look so pretty :).

Elina's pair getting done.

Almost there. Maybe we need one more day and then they will be ready for water :).

While you are waiting for us to fix them check out these pics we took in Sardinia, in the pool of Hotel Setar.

Elina taking the pics of Johanna. Thank you for the picture Simone :).

We will be taking more pics with these fins, and you can get your own at EW Dive!

Click HERE and there's instructions how to order.

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