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Scootering Tiilijärvi lake

The first thing I'm going to say is -- what, where is the torquoise warm water. Obviously not here. I hopped in and I couldn't see anything. That was the starting point for taking pics this time :).

And the second thing is that Daan Verhoeven is laughing at me again. Yes, squares again. And he knows why.

But the point of this trip was not just to scooter around the lake or take pics. It was to have our day together. Again. We have a new van so had to take it for a test drive. If it could make it to Hollola it could take us anywhere.

In the morning we checked the map - Iso-Tiilijärvi in Hollola was today's main goal. We had one scooter from Ursuit with us so would be nice to test that too.

Aqafins and the "new" van :D. We are ready. And we found the lake. EDIT: we found the wrong lake. We thought we found the big lake but this was a smaller one close to it :D. So maybe later we will go and check the actual Iso-Tiilijärvi :D.

The scooter was ready for us too. The water temperature was probably about 16 degrees. With my wetsuit it was ok but I was a little suspicious about Johanna's suit - which is very pretty but already a little bit cold in these Finnish autumn waters.

...check the scooter...

We have fins... I have socks...

And we are ready. Almost.

Johanna still has to put her make-up on.

Seriously. Zero visibility. And we messed the bottom.

But I was still shooting. And it was fun anyway so no problems :).

We love the scooter.

Fabrizio Tosoni from Ursuit wanted us to take the scooter with us. He knew we would like it. This is what he said:

"There is a big sticker on the scooter, that says NOT for KIDS. It is almost ironic because this is exactly what scooters do, try bring out the enthusiasm and fun you felt when you were a kid and just got a new present. Driving a scooter will bring the fun you are having both scuba diving and freediving to a new level, exceed your expectations."

Suit, masks and scooter from Ursuit

Fins from Aqafins - can be ordered from EW Dive

Lens & Camera from Rajala

Underwater camera housing Ikelite from EW Dive

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