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If you have ever dreamed about diving under the ice or you want to find the restful peace under water the best place would be the Päijänne on the Rocks ice diving event in lake district in Finland.


This traditional winter fun event will be again at 18th of March 2017 in Asikkala, Finland. The Lake Päijänne has drinkable water and the tranquility under the ice will be amazing, as always. Welcome freedivers and scuba divers to see this wonderful under ice world.


The event is for everyone who has a certification in freediving, in scuba diving ice diving knowledge is required. There is no competition part of the challenge below. It is just to have fun together with fellow divers and enjoy the feelings in the natures own cathedral under the white ice cover. All special safety issues regarding diving under the ice will be covered in pre dive briefing.


Due the nature of the event the number of participants is limited. To make sure you will have a place, please, registrate before 31st of January. First come first served.


Possible to make a Padi Ice Diving course and certication. For more details mention your wish in contact form, please.


Don't be shy to ask if you have any requests or wishes. We would love to make this happening the best possible for you. Use the contact form for questions, please.

The Challenge


Even the main idea is to enjoy the absolut silence and soft twilight light I will challenge all freedivers to make teams of three and dive under the ice as much as possible in 15 minutes. We will have 25 meter distance between the holes and only one diver can be under water at the time. Present record is 650 meters. Can you do better? 

The Accommodations and Facilities


Surroundings in the event will be absolutely wonderful since the location is a fantastic holiday resort Lehmonkärki. The wood heated sauna on the shore has a glass wall to the lake and accommodation will be in luxury villas in double rooms by the lake. All villas have saunas, fireplaces, equiped kitchens and cozy interiors.


Lehmonkärki has also a variation of winter activities offered by them or by co-operative companies such as skidoo driving, ice fishing, skiing and many others. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any requests or wishes.


Basic paggage will include the accommodation for two nights, from Friday the 17th to Sunday the 19th. If you wish to stay longer, please, fill the contact form and tell us your wishes.

The Organisers


Antero Joki is a highly experienced freediver having represented team Finland in 14 world championships so far. He has grown near Lake Päijänne and has been training several years in this drinkable lake. Antero is also freediving instructor trainer and an executive board member in AIDA International freediving, the leading organisation in competitive freediving. At the moment he is also the trainer of the German freediving national team.


Ville Laine is a owner of the EW Dive 5 star Padi diving centre. It is a located in southern Finland, in the city of Lahti, and specialized in teaching PADI scuba courses and selling scuba and gear. Ville is very experienced in cold water conditions and he works with large group of skilled instructors in his company. 

The contact and registration form

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